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Girl Firefighter Outfit Toddler


This  toddler fireman costume can be created with a name on the back of the shirt

You can choose to add a bunker gear style jacket to complete the firefighter look

At the bottom of the page there are size charts to help you pick the perfect size.


Girl Firefighter Outfit Toddler

We created a girl firefighter outfit toddler sized for your little girl firefighter.  For example, some girls just don’t like to wear pants and want to dress up in skirts.  Hence, the girls version of the toddler fireman costume was created.  In particular, this would be a cute toddler Halloween costume.  Likewise,  if you are going to or having a firefighter theme birthday.  This outfit would be a complete hit at the party!  

I especially wanted to let you know how these outfits are created.  In this case, we want to keep your children safe.  Thus, we choose to use new 100% cotton ripstop material.  In addition to new reflective tape.  To begin with, we do not know what could be left on used turnout gear, even after multiple washings. Hence, for your safety and especially your children’s safety we use only new material on all of our items here at Simply Sweet By B. 

Lastly, I wanted to point out that you can add a bunker gear style fire coat to your order.  This will give your little one the feel that they have a complete fireman’s outfit.  Finally, you can also add a last name to the back of the shirt and or jacket. How surprised would your little one be when they see their name on their outfit?

To help you make sure you get the correct size for this outfit I have added some size charts at the bottom of this page.

We create several different styles of firefighter outfits and several sizes, from baby up to 5T.  Look at all the toddler sizes here.



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