• tan and black fabric
  • maltese cross tree skirt with name
  • maltese cross tree skirt
  • maltese cross tree skirt
  • tan tree skirt
  • maltese cross black tree skirt
  • tan-tree-skirt

Firefighter Tree Skirt


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What makes this firefighter tree skirt so special?

  • HANDMADE tree skirt
  • Created to look just like turnout gear
  • Made with actual reflective tape
  • option to add a name on the tree skirt


1 tree skirt
choose your Fabric color and reflective tape color
if you want to personalize the tree skirt


  • Made with new cotton ripstop material 
  • This material looks just like real bunker gear
  • Without all the the toxins that can be on the material 
  • New Reflective tape
52″ round 



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