• Tan or black Firefighter Garden flag
  • Full-Maltese-Cross-garden-flag- 1-line-1
  • Full-Maltese-Cross-garden-flag- 1-line-2
  • Full-Maltese-Cross-garden-flag- 1-line-3
  • Firefighter-garden-flag-sizes
  • Bunker-gear-fabric-color

Firefighter Garden Flag Full Maltese Cross 1 Name


Add a special touch to your flower garden


This garden flag is perfect for your flower garden

Firefighter garden flags are the perfect way to show the world you are a proud firefighter family!


Firefighter Garden flags will add a special touch to any flower garden or walkway.    These flags are made to look  just like bunker gear without any toxins that could still be on actual bunker gear.  This is why these are made from new fabric.   Check out all the garden flag options available. 

What makes this firefighter garden flag  so special?

  • HANDMADE firefighter garden flag¬†
  • Created to look just like turnout gear
  • Made with actual reflective tape
  • You can personalize this garden flag with a name, town, or numbers as long as it fits on one line¬†


1 garden flag

You choose the flag size  Mini or Regular 

Select your fabric color and reflective tape color


  • Made with new cotton ripstop material¬†
  • This material looks just like real bunker gear
  • Without all the the toxins that can be on the material¬†
  • New Reflective tape¬†

Mini Garden flag measures about 10″ x 12″

Regular Garden flag measures about 14″ x 18″




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