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Firefighter Duffel Bag


Carry your change of clothes in this firefighter duffel bag


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The Firefighter duffel bag not only looks great but is also functional. 

Never let your firefighter forget things that they need at the station. Get them custom duffel bags that are the perfect pair for their job!

Simply Sweet By B offers you a great deal — the Firefighter Duffel Bag. This overnight bag is an excellent choice of bag for carrying things that a firefighter needs if he will spend time at the fire station. Everything that they need will surely fit inside this firefighter bag.

tan duffel bag

So, you might wonder what makes this firefighter gear bag special? Aside from being very efficient firefighter turnout bags, our products are handmade. They are also created to look like a turnout gear. It is also made with an actual reflective tape, and most of all, you have the option to personalize the bag by adding a name. 

Let us talk about the materials used for the personalized duffel bags. Firstly, it is made of new cotton ripstop. This also looks like a real bunker gear, and no toxins are present in the material. It uses a new reflective tape and a heavy-duty plastic zipper. It then has a polypropylene webbing. For the size, the bag is 18 inches in width and 10 inches at the sides. With these excellent materials used, you will no longer fear that the bag will be easily damaged. If you want it personalized, the name will be in vinyl that is heat pressed into the fabric.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!


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