Toddler Firefighter

Toddler Firefighter Turnout Gear Outfits

Variety of outfits for your Jr Firefighter

Toddler firefighter turnout gear outfits match  grown up firefighter’s turnout gear.   These outfits are created to look just like real turnout gear.  Therefore, your little one will feel like he or she is a jr firefighter.   Above all, our number one concern is your toddlers safety.  As a result of this, we create each outfit with new 100% cotton ripstop material and new reflective tape.  Therefore, we do not create any of our items with used bunker gear.   We are concerned with what could still be on used bunker gear even after several washings.
Besides wearing these outfits to the fire station, or pretend play.  These outfits make a great firefighter Halloween costume.

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