Press Release

Above all,  it is an honor to be included in a press release.  I especially love creating handmade firefighter products.   As a result, this creates memories for you.  For example, some items we create are, firefighter duffel bags, personalized firefighter wallets, firefighter diaper bags, and firefighter turn out gear for babies and toddlers.  Furthermore, these are just a few of the items created here at Simply Sweet By B.    I always jump for joy each time any publication features one of our handmade firefighter creations.   As a result of having items featured , this shows that we are a creditable company.  To summarize, we take pride in creating the very best firefighter gift products that we can for you. 

 By the way, make sure you click on the pictures below to be able to see the featured items and articles on their press release page.  In this case, you will be directed to the website that the item was featured on. 

We would be honored if your company is interested in featuring one of our items. Please contact us here. If you would like to feature us in your publication.  We would love to discuss this further with you.