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Meal Planning Course

Your easy meal planning course for busy families like yours!

You can take control of knowing what you will feed your family in 
just 30 minutes a week!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Meal Planning Course can help you!

This course has everything I need to figure out how to quickly plan a weeks worth of meals for my family. Not only do I have control over what we eat each night now, but I’m able to do this in 30 minutes.  I can’t thank you enough for this life-changing resource!

-Karlie – Meal Planning Course Customer 


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This system will allow you to cut back on the amount of time it takes you to create a meal plan, so that you can spend more time with your family!

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A Family Meal Planning Course you can't live without....

This is the Meal Planning Course You have been waiting for!

Hello! I’m Brandi.  I’m a wife,  mom of two now teenagers, and a business owner.  Time is very limited in my world, especially when my two children were little.  I struggled with what to feed my family every night.  Right before dinner time I would look in the refrigerator and try to figure what we were going to eat that night.  More often than not we would end up either eating a sandwich or grabbing some fast food.  One night I though this has GOT TO STOP!!  There has to be a better way to do this.  So I sat down and learned all I could about meal planning and put together my own system.  I have been using this system for over 12 years now.  Let me help you stop this constant struggle of not knowing what you will be feeding your family. 


Yes, You can meal plan in 30 minutes or less.  You probably will not be able to do this the first time you use this system. However, after you get everything set up and understand the process. You will be able to do this in 30 minutes.  

Yes, you can use your own recipes.  I will not be providing any recipes in this course.

I didn’t realize how much money, time and frustration I was wasting by not meal planning.  Since I started meal planning on Sunday afternoons, I now know each day what I will be preparing for my family for dinner each night.  No more waiting until  the last minute to figure out dinner and stressing not only myself out but my family as well.

Thank you so much for creating this amazing and easy step by step course on how to meal plan.  I thank you and my family thanks you!

Kimberly- Meal Planning Course Customer 

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