Quick Recipes Cookbook

How To Create Easy Meals For Your Family So You Can Avoid Spending A Lot Of Time In The Kitchen

What is included in the cookbook?


Quick recipes

20 Minutes Or Less

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30 Minute Meals
Instant Pot & Crockpot recipes

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13 Extra Bonuses

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"This Cookbook is just what I was looking for!"
Brandi Greenhill
“A nice variety of recipes here! From seafood to beef, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.”
Bonnie McCann
"This cookbook is chock full of quick recipes that will save you a ton of time in the kitchen. I especially love the key at the top of the page of each recipe. The Panko Chicken is my favorite."
Raejean Roberts
“ This cookbook is the perfect solution for me as a busy mom like me. I don't have to think about what to make for dinner and it makes meal prep so easy. Dinner time is so much less stressful with this book in my arsenal.”
Oneka Benn Schwartz


Learn How To Cook Quick Easy Meals 
With 70 Amazing Recipes 


Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to cook quick meals for your family.

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Quick Recipes E-Cookbook

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This PDF cookbook was made with you in  mind. 

Quick Recipes E-Cookbook is laid out differently than most cookbooks. 

The first section of the cookbook has easy 20 Minute or less recipes. These meals are intended for when you need dinner 10 minutes ago, and you need to eat as soon as possible.  Or  you don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight.  

The other sections have recipes that are  intended for when the whole family is home and you want to spend a little more time cooking . Included in these sections are 30 minute recipes, 20 minute or less prep time plus cooking time, and Instant Pot and Crock Pot recipes.  

Quick Recipes E-Cookbook has 70 recipes.

Each recipe has a color photo.

Extra Bonuses

This section is packed with 13 extra bonuses to help make your time in the kitchen easier

10 full pages  of Tips and Tricks 

  • Time Saving Weekday Meal Tip
  • Shortcut Recipe Tips
  • Pantry Raid Recipes to make this week
  • Pantry Essentials that make meal cooking easy
  • Meal Prep Tips that make Dinner Time easy
  • 5 Great Meals you can make from a can of tomato sauce
  • How to become more confident in the kitchen
  • How to cut meal time prep in half
  • How to make the most of leftovers
  • How to organize your pantry for quick and easy meal prep

Cooking measurement conversion chart & cooking Abbreviations

Meal plan / grocery list worksheet  for 1 week

Meal plan / grocery list worksheet  for 1 Month

About Author

Brandi Reid

Hello, I’m Brandi Reid.   I created this cookbook to help you create meals for your family quickly.   I know how busy family schedules can be so we all could use some recipes that will help us get in and out of the kitchen quickly.  

"Cooking for your family shouldn't be stressful ."



Proven Recipes that your Family will Enjoy !

20 minute or less recipes

30 Minute or less recipes

Instant Pot / Crock Pot Recipes

13 extra bonuses

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